lower ab exercises for anyone

Exercises That Anyone Can Do

Any person can address belly fat hiding your abs. When a man or a woman is looking to get into shape they perform a number of exercises. One of the most difficult areas to work out and target is the lower abdominal muscles. There are some lower ab exercises to help flatten the abs and help a person get a toned body.

Obesity and Getting Started Exercising

You may be an extreme case where your body is too big to do much of anything. In that case I would suggest the use of a natural fat burner that works by raising the metabolism of the body. Think of the metabolism as your body’s gas pedal. If you are not at cruising speed you are slowly chugging along with little efficiency and maximum exhaust pollution to clog everything up. A car uses a gas additive to burn off gunk. You can use a food supplement to do the same. You’ll find that your fat is the result of a lack of motion in the cells, not just in the muscles.

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The Most Basic Exercise Anyone Can Do

Are you are unable do ab exercises yet? That’s OK. You must start with the most basic move because it is also the most necessary action. It’s called getting up off the floor. Simply make an exercise routine out of getting down and back up from the floor. Start your calendar with just one. Then the next day get down and up two times, Then add one each day while you use your supplements to start burning off some inches of fat. You should be able to do floor based exercises in about 2-3 months.

Static Press

This exercise does not require special equipment and targets the lower abs. To perform this exercise on their back with their knees and their hips bent at a 90 degree angle. The arms are extended and the palms are pressed flat against the thighs. The person will take a deep breath and when they exhale they will brace their abs and their thighs. The lower back will be pressed to the ground and the hands will be pressed the thighs. This position is held for several seconds and released. It should be repeated in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Resisted Single Leg Stretch

This exercise move gets its inspiration from Pilates. To perform this move a person will lay on their back and bring both of the knees up to the chest. The left leg is extended and the fingers are wrapped around the right thigh. The head and the shoulders are lifted off of the ground and are pulled towards the leg. This should be held for a couple of seconds and then released. The exercise is then repeated with the other leg. A person should do three sets and 10 repetitions per leg.

The U Boat

This exercise is designed to work out the core muscles. A person will sit and bend their knees, keeping the feet flat on the ground. They will then pop the body up using the elbows and lift the legs so they are at a 90 degree angle. The legs should then be moved to the side like a person is tracing the letter U. Twenty reps of this exercise should be done.

These are some exercises that will work out the lower ab muscles. These exercises will help a person get toned and they will get the firm and flat abs they have always wanted.