Your Ability Level

keep doing push ups for tight abs

What Is Your Ability Level?

This is where you can direct this program by your ability to do the lower abs exercises on the free chart. 

First Step: Weight loss goal

How much weight do you want to lose?

Set your goal for us by selecting from the drop down menu

Do you already know how to do the following ab exercises?

doing crunches is best abs exercise for digestive health
She’s Doing A Crunch

Leg Lift -lay on side, raise leg, lower leg, roll onto other side, raise other leg. Repeat.
2 Leg Lift -lay on back, lift both legs together slowly lower both legs. Repeat.
Sit Up -lay on back, sit up and lean forward, touch legs or toes, reverse back to laying. Repeat.
Push Up -Lay on stomach arms and toes braced to the floor. lift up off floor. lower back to laying. Repeat
Crunch -lay on back braced by pelvis and buttocks, Simultaneously raise both legs and both arms to form a V, straighten out without lowering legs and arms all the way to the floor. Repeat.
These steps must be completed for each rep. I made this is deliberately vague to allow you to do them however they work for you and your ability.
Now tell us what you can do below.

Leg Lift2 Leg LiftSit UpPush UpCrunches

This helps us help you. There will me more exercises for your abs in your upcoming emails based on the answers you gave here. You can come back to this page and update your answer if you would like to change the direction of your program. It’s all YOU.
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